Prayer Group

One of the groups in the church is the "Prayer Group". My name is Barbara Wilcox. I have been the coordinator since 1999. Those belonging to this group dedicate a portion of their prayer time to praying for the needs of the people of and beyond the church. I am humbled at the way God is working, not only in the lives we pray for, but for the members of the group as well. We pray for : people with illness, ones who have lost jobs, ones who have lost their way and are looking for Jesus, persons with addiction, relationship problems, etc. We can pray for whatever concern you might have. We have seen numerous answers to our prayers over the years. If you have a prayer request, I can be reached at, or call my home at 315-451-7177. Your request is only shared with the members of the group. You decide if you want your request to remain private or to be shared with the whole church body. This is an open group and new members are welcome. The only requirement is your commitment to pray and to respect the privacy of others. If you are looking for a praying church, I feel confident the Lord will guide you to Christ Community.